Houston Latterklub
Den Internationale Latterklub

Pręsidenter Jan Christiansen

5228 Blossom Street

Post & By Houston, Texas 77007, USA
e-mail janlchristiansen@aol.com


Laughter session either first monday or second tuesday of every month (depending on our travel)
To get notified by email, email janlchristiansen@aol.com

Its free, but we accept donations to our favourite charity "Children at Risk".

Just back from South-Africa, where I went out with my son in the bush in Kruger National Park,
at the bushcamp I did a laughter session with guests and employees,
monkees came out and looked from the threes,
they never heard anything like that, especially the lions laughter got a big roar.

Due to my travel schedule I do the invitations mont to month.

Love, Peace and laughter

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